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Inner Evolution Coaching & Counselling 

Find your true inner power of transformation

We help you rediscover your life purpose and your true potential by creating positive changes in your lives and career. 

Discover what a soul plan is.

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Do you find yourself feeling “stuck” in your life?

Do you have the feeling you are holding yourself back and are ready to embrace the joy and success life has waiting for you?

Maybe it is addictive traits, the loss of a family member, abuse, or simply the buildup of everyday stress and burnout. Whatever the reason, you have already made the first step and now it is time to stop those limiting beliefs, discover and release your triggers, and heal.

It is time for you to bring balance to your mind, body, and soul.

Inner Evolution is all about finding your true inner power and taking the first (or second and third) step to your own healing journey and personal transformation.

I will work with you to connect to your creativity, wisdom, passion, and joy. Using a variety of holistic methodologies, I will help you discover that balance to help you achieve your dreams and live a more fulfilling high vibrational life.

Are you ready to start your own Inner Evolution?

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About Gareth Dearing


– holistic counsellor


Gareth Dearing believes people have the ability to heal themselves from past life trauma and shares his approach to spirituality in an accessible way for all, even those new to the world of spirituality, and curious, open-minded non-believers.

Gareth himself has experienced life’s dark places and personal challenges, and it was through his own healing journey he discovered his passion in helping others. He brings together a variety of different creative and personalised holistic and healing techniques and life purpose coaching to help you not only heal your past but find your passion moving forward.  

Gareth is certified from the London Holistic Healing College and specialises in a variety of different therapies & healing modalities to help people with with trauma, anxiety, burn out, loss, stress, self confidence, mental health, depression and limiting beliefs.  He is also a Life Purpose Coach, Spiritual Coach helping people to live a more fullfilled life.


What is a Soul Plan Reading? 

Are you on a path of self development, do you want to deeply understand who you are and why  you chose to come here on this planet ? On this journey of self awareness there are many systems that give you a peice of that knowledge. A Soul Plan Reading is one of those systems.



The Possibilities Are Endless !

Uncover your unique gifts & talents & be inspired to tap into them. 

Discover your hidden strengths & learn how to stand strong and overcome your life challenges. 

Understand what is holding you back and gain perspective to clear the way.

Focus on how to live your purpose to a more fulfilled life.

Discover Your Soul Plan

Your Soul Plan is your unique blueprint. A powerful and accurate system of life purpose analysis, guidance, spiritual coaching and healing. It is a fascinating way of exploring yourself and your life. We will be able to identify strengths and talents that might feel hidden to you. Things like creativity, business acumen, leadership, relationships, spirituality, if your logical and organised……..

How Is The Soul Plan Derived ?

The Soul Plan Reading is derived from the sound vibration of your original name. It has its roots in Gematria numerology method and uses Atlantean symbols from the the book Discovering Atlantis (by author Frank Alper) as the foundation of this work. This produces a set of frequencies, which are placed around the star of creation in various positions. Each point has a special significance about your wordly and spiritual life.  

What Happens In A Soul Plan Reading ?

The Soul Chart takes 60 mintes to produce and forms part of a 10 page document for you to keep. Once completed your Soul Chart is e mailed to you and the Reading is delivered together via Zoom which takes approxmiately 75 minutes. We then go over each section of the chart such as your challenges, how to overcome them, your wordly and spiritual aspect of your chart and how this relates to your life. During this reading you will received intuitive messages that are channeld to help you on your path. Finally, you will learn your Soul Destinay.  


What can I help you with? 

Past – Mind

At inner evolution we help you to reprogram your subconscious mind to change your thought patterns to heal past life trauma, addictions, challenges, difficulties in life and not to dwell on past events and start looking forward in life. 

Present – Heart

At inner evolution we move your thought pattern from your head into your heart to start looking inwards to ground yourself into the present moment and lift your vibrations to enjoy life in the here and now. 

Future – Journey

Once you have released your thought patterns from the past and living more in the present moment we help you reach and achieve your goals and dreams in life connecting you to your life and soul purpose to live a more fulfilling life. 

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About me

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Self Healing and Self Motivation

Benefits & Services

At Inner Evolution we have a holistic approach to our counselling therapy. We take a step by step approach starting with a free introduction call to determine how we can help your needs, followed by a 1-2-1 hour or two hour sessions either by zoom, or in person, with techniques to take home and continue outside of the therapy. The counselling therapy is a blended approach of psychotherapy, holistic and energy clearing techniques to bring balance to your mind, body and soul. Please click on the boxes to discover our services in more detail. 

Inner Evolution’s approach to life purpose coaching has a spiritual philosophy to tackling life’s challenges, limiting beliefs and thought patterns to help you reach your purpose in life by achieving your desired goals. 


Using different types of cognitive psychotherapy techniques , clinical counselling, mindfulness, energy psychology and different healing modalities to increase your awareness of unconscious thoughts and behaviours to reinforce your ability to cope with mental health, emotional regulation and loss, which will bring balance to your mind body and soul.

Soul Transformation Programme

This Transformational ‘Life Purpose Coaching’ programme will help you see things in new light, it will help you break your obstacles, negative belief patterns, open the way for new possibilities, bring out your spiritual talents to evolve and create a vision to achieve your personal, spiritual and professional success and achieve the desired results and live a life with passion and purpose; in line with your souls mission. 

Energy Therapy & Healing

Energy therapy is used to shift negative and stagnant energy within the body, chakra system and aura energy field which can bring distress to the body and mind. This is achieved by a variety of different healing and energy techniques such as chi kung, chi emotional therapy and multidimensional healing to reduce stress and to bring balance to the mind body and soul, 

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Transform, Elevate and Sustain 

All time best seller

Nothing is as powerful as “oneself”. Our latest course is all about Self Healing and Self Motivation. It will provide the correct orientation about how you can help yourself and feel better each day, all day. 

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Upcoming EventS

The Channeling Code Workshop

In conjunction with Summer Solstice we will be harnessing the energy of this time to bring you together for a wonderful workshop weekend. 

On 25th and 26th June in Oliva @yogi_ush and I invite you to join us for a weekend of deep connection and healing on our Channeling Code Workshop in a retreat style setting with Kundalini Yoga and meditation.

In this two day in person workshop with one evening online you will learn how to channel energy to give hands on energy healings to yourself, others, and also to give distant healings. You will also learn how to channel information directly from source to you and also to give messages to help others on their path.

25th and 26th June

Sol Rise – Kundalini Yoga Retreat

In partnership with Aarushiyoga.  Using the technology of Kundalini, mediations and breathwork, learn techniques on how to manifest what you want in life, learn the law of attraction, learn how to break through the barriers which are stopping you manifest your dreams.


Trusted by people

I came across Gareth and Inner Evolution when I was going through a rough patch and needed someone to help and listen. Gareth was phenomenal, always attentive, never judgmental and helped me with coping strategies to get me through such a difficult time.

Dave Peterson
Sales Director

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Gareth. He really helped me in discovering more about myself and finding the root of my anxiety/inability to move on from certain situations. Our time always left me feeling uplifted and positive. 

Elizabeth Clark
Executive Assistant

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